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Pythagoras Capital believes that insolvent construction companies should be paid what they are legally entitled to.

Contingency based lawyers 

Uniquely, we are lawyers with engineering expertise. We tackle ALL company debts immediately from a legal and engineering perspective. For the past four years we have been successfully funding, running and enforcing adjudications for insolvent companies.

We have changed the law, with our Supreme Court success in Bresco to ensure that we can run successful adjudications on behalf of our clients.

4 ways the Bresco law change has helped proactive IPs improve debt recovery;

  1. All debts - even those with counterclaims, can be tackled at the same time on a no win/no fee basis, using a service that combines top insolvency and construction lawyers, engineering experts, and litigation funding
  2. There are now far fewer legal challenges, with debtors either settling or taking part in the process
  3. Using lawyers that operate on a no win/no fee basis aligns everyone’s interests
  4. Pythagoras Capital, who drove the law change, have tried and tested adjudication and enforcement procedures to make sure debts are paid

Pythagoras Capital are currently the only construction insolvency specialists who can offer this specialised service with no risk to the IP. Contact us now for a free case review

No Win, No Fee

We don't charge by the hour or fixed fee, or even for case reviews. Our financial backing allows us to back ourselves to get recoveries and operate on a no win/no fee basis.

Expertise & Experience

Our highly experienced engineers and lawyers have been successfully focusing on construction insolvencies since 2015

Track Record of Results

Our clients range from sole practitioners to the largest accountancy practices.

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